NPR Remembers Jack Rose


It was a little bit more than three months ago that Philadelphia guitarist Jack Rose died suddenly at the age of 38. Over the weekend, NPR did a story on the departed musician that drew heavily on an interview reporter Joel Rose–no relation–had done with the guitarist in 2005. It’s sad stuff–he was such a vital guy. “A lot of people, when they view old-time music, they view it as gentle or nostalgic, which I don’t get at all,” Rose told NPR then. “It was totally bizarre-sounding to me, and messed-up.” So was Rose’s own playing, but in the best way possible. Luck in the Valley, the guitarist’s final record, comes out tomorrow. Hear “Woodpiles on the Side of the Road” here, or cop the record from Thrill Jockey. “He and his wife had just bought a house,” Glenn Jones told NPR. “The career trajectory is what’s so disheartening, because he’d worked so hard. And to have the rug get pulled out from him at this moment, all I can think is, I just hope he didn’t even know it happened to him.” [NPR]

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