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Scott Brown Votes With Dems, Leading to Cries of Betrayal


The Democrats just won a cloture vote on the Obama jobs bill. Frank Lautenberg was out sick, and Ben Nelson voted against, so they needed some Republican backup, and got it from Republicans Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Kit Bond, George Voinovich, and newcomer Scott Brown.

This was just a vote to evade a filibuster and continue the debate on the $100 billion bill, but after the excitement Brown’s election brought to conservative opponents of the Administration, his vote has caused an eruption of partisan tweets, outraged on one side, gloating on the other.

“Scott Brown is an example of the progressivism that is creeping into the GOP that Glenn Beck talks about,” says Kirt Emery. “One of my fears came true -> Scott Brown is RINO,” says Nathan Coffey.

Many address their expressions of outrage directly to Brown’s Twitter account (“you better hock that truck of yours as that’s the only way you’ll see $$$ for your re-election campaign”), as if he might actually read them.

“Maybe #TCOT should get a good look at Scott Brown’s long form birth certificate, eh?” twitted QueerjohnPA. “Congratulations to Comrade Scott ‘Marxist’ Brown on Voting For Bolshevik Jobs Bill,” says Drinking Liberally’s Stephen Herron. (Sarcasm was big with this group.)

Hot Air’s Allahpundit stays calm, thinks “this might not be a bad time to throw a vote to the Dems… the point is to give Dems some sort of cosmetic measure to point to in the run-up to the midterms so that they can say, ‘See, we’re trying to create jobs!’ Brown’s strategy, essentially, is to use that logic against them by throwing them a vote he can use to try to keep the seat red in two years.”

His commenters are largely uncomforted: “Mr. Scott Brown, can I have my donation back please?” says one. Fire Andrea Mitchell wonders, “With Brown also campaigning for McCain this year, is he really a RINO too?”

“No crying,” says Liberal Whoppers. “We knew this day would come.”



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