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State “Cash for Appliances” Program Extended


Being renters, we didn’t even know there was a state program offering to partially pay for certain large appliance purchases. The Great Appliance Swap-Out passed its deadline this weekend, but New York announced that it would extend part of the program to spend out unused funding.

The program, like those in other states funded by the federal stimulus, offered to kick in between $75 and $105 for each energy-inefficient refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and washing machine consumers replaced with a new “Energy Star”-rated unit. (Consumers got extra if they recycled their old unit.)

That single-item scheme is over, but the state has extended Option 2: If you buy a new Energy Star fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine, the state will give you $500 ($550 if you turn in your old ones) while funds last.

The $16.8 million project kicked off on Presidents Day weekend, and although over 50,000 units moved, over $9 million is left in the fund.

Paperwork has to be filed by Match 15, but the deals will only be honored if the money hasn’t run out.


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