Stew Vs. The New York Times: “You Review AMERICAN IDOL Shit For A Living (???) And Yer Calling OUR SHIT Verging On Trite?”


Nothing like a good bad-review-based artist/critic slapfight. Here we have Stew — the acidic folk troubadour behind the Negro Problem and dearly departed rock-musical Passing Strange — expressing his extreme displeasure with the NYT‘s mostly discouraging review of his new venture, Making It, a theater-piece/rock-concert hybrid (therein lies part of the argument) with frequent collaborator Heidi Rodewald. Another part of the argument involves Stew calling NYT reviewer Jon Caramanica “girlfriend,” “sugar-pumpkin,” “jerk,” and “honey chile” while threatening to next perform in his (Jon’s) living room. Other topics: Whether drugs and alcohol are secondhand concerns for musicians; whether or not Jon, Stew, and Heidi ever had a threesome; and BLACK RAGE. Personally I love both these guys for markedly different reasons, so I’d rather just stay out of it. “Reviewing pop music for a living is like being a professional pooper scooper” is probably true though.

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