Anthony Bourdain Uses Kiddie Show to Formally Renounce Bad Boy Status


Well, it’s certainly better than shilling for Diet Coke or pimping frozen foods, but still, the sight of Anthony Bourdain dancing with giant plush toys is a bit unsettling.

Bourdain donned a doctor’s coat to do a skit on Yo Gabba Gabba (it will air on March 10), a Nickelodeon show that his toddler daughter apparently loves. The onetime heroin addict, unrepentant chain smoker, and F-bomb arbiter can be seen awkwardly tending to a large blue cat named Toodee, assuring her that “I’m here to help you get aaallll better.” The creeped out grin on Bourdain’s face is somewhat priceless, as is the sight of one of the food industry’s most renowned trash-talkers effectively announcing that his dignity is now the sole property of a very small child.

[Via Serious Eats]

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