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Anthony Weiner Gets Vocal about Health Care and “Altar” of Moderation


Anthony Weiner’s been speakin’ out a lot lately, and continues the trend. Earlier this month, Weiner growled about the President’s bipartisan health care outreaches, “Good luck with that. The GOP has been the ‘Party of No’ all year.”

Now that it looks like the Democrats are trying to push their plan through with a simple majority of Democratic votes, Weiner calls it “great news. Democrats wasted a year bowing to the altar of [moderates] Olympia Snowe, Joe Lieberman, and Ben Nelson and it got us nowhere.”

He added, “We need to stop bargaining against ourselves. Who are we making concessions to? Republicans have shown over and over again that they have no interest in real reform.”

To the Daily News, Weiner amplified, “I’ve wanted the President to get off the sideline and he’s doing it… That means almost overnight the chances of this becoming a reality have dramatically increased.”

Some critics, like Bill Walker of Firedoglake, suggest both neither White House nor Weiner have been so fearless in action, and that Weiner “was all too willing to dump the Public Option, Medicare buy-in, drug re-importation, Medicare negotiation for lower prices, and sharply reduc[ing] corporate profiteering.” But he talks a good game, doesn’t he?



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