Hear Aziz Ansari and Dave Sitek’s Bravura Rap Attack “AAAAAAAANGRY (with eight A’s)”


A worthy successor to “How to Rob,” if not “Second Round Knock Out,” even if you hate laughing. Over five minutes formerly Brooklynite and world-beating comedian Aziz Ansari goes in on everyone from Dre to Eminem to Clipse to Kid Cudi, with the same loving attention to detail and hilarity he brought to explaining who Skeritt Bwoy was on national television. Jokes for days. Destined for Dave Sitek-produced mixtape, which we are now officially anticipating in an almost embarrassing way. Catch RZA on the outro, too–good couple weeks for him and random indie-rockish dudes. Download it [audio-1], or stream it at the Fader. Major Drake-on-the-chorus-of-“Forever” impression!

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