Los Angeleno Not So Sure about Saveur’s L.A.-centric March Issue


The March issue of Saveur is a love letter to Los Angeles, from the highly touted David Sax piece on the city’s deli culture to Jonathan Gold’s farm-to-table item. But one Angeleno (at least) is raising an eyebrow at the gushing L.A. praise. Rob Eshman, the outspoken editor of the Jewish Journal, pens a response to the food mag entitled, “10 Reasons Saveur Magazine Is Wrong.”

The bones Eshman picks with Saveur have to do less with what was printed in the magazine and more with what wasn’t. The omissions include, according to him, the fact that restaurants in L.A. close too early, that the need to drive everywhere makes for a mediocre bar scene, that too few outdoor dining options exist, and that, for a place with such a strong beach culture, it has a serious lack of decent beach-side dining.

The issue is still sure to make you hungry for La La Land. Especially when it’s February in New York.

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