Mario Batali Provides Some More Eataly Details


Yesterday, we learned about Eataly’s plans to open “the craziest and amazing brewery in the world” on its rooftop. Today, on the Time website, Josh Ozersky brings more details about the Italian foods monolith.

Mario Batali, who with his partner Joe Bastianich is planning to open Eataly later this year, is developing menus for six new restaurants for the complex. In addition to the rooftop brewery, there will be meat, vegetable, and fish restaurants, a pizza and pasta outfit, and a panino bar. The chef, Ozersky reports, is most excited about his meat restaurant, which will feature both grass-fed Italian Piedmontese beef and a grain-fed “superbeef” developed by Carnevino’s Adam Perry Lang. And while Batali won’t, unsurprisingly, be in the kitchen every night, he promises Ozersky that “These are the first really unadulterated [Batali restaurants] we’ve opened since Otto, seven years ago.” And with some 32,000 square feet to play with, that’s going to be a lot of unadulterated Batali.


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