Molson Canadian Hopes the Olympics Will Make Canadians Patriotic; Diageo Is Up to Its Old Tricks


They say wine is good for you. But which wines are best for your health? Research suggests that wines higher in procyanidin, which helps prevent heart disease, are those that undergo a long fermentation. In other words, more traditional wines.
[Wall Street Journal]

A roundup of the city’s top flight bars includes Brandy Library for its bourbon and rye flight, En Sochu Bar for its sake flight, and Valhalla for its flight of beers.

Molson Canadian has long tried to market itself using a Canadian pride angle, to no avail. A new ad campaign is aiming to cash in on Olympic fever to sell patriotism (and beer).

Barbot 2010 took place at a bar in San Francisco recently, where artists and engineers presented robots designed specifically to mix and pour cocktails.

Diageo is again aiming to derail Gov. Paterson’s plan to let grocery stores sell wine under the guise of The Last Store on Main Street, a supposed mom-and-pop shop coalition.
[NY Post, previously]

Cachaca makers are hoping to cash in on Brazil hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 with major marketing campaigns leading up to the events.

Get ready to slip on your Cosmo-sipping stilettos: Skyy Vodka has been named the official drink of the upcoming sequel to Sex and the City.

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