The Onion’s A.V. Club Says Farewell to New York


Andy Battaglia, city editor of The A.V. Club in New York, sent an e-mail around today bidding farewell to his old job. “The New York website is being shut down, the city section in the paper is being cut significantly, and I am moving on,” he wrote. That means fewer local listings and zero local features, Battaglia told us just now, so in effect, that that’s one less outlet for local music/arts criticism/journalism in New York City. The national A.V. Club and the Onion‘s eight-odd other local papers will not be affected–this is strictly a New York thing, for better or for worse. Or rather, for worse, period. Not a crisis, or an end of an era, but surely more bad news for those who still care about getting news about their own city from somewhere other than far, far away. Battaglia is a sure writer who has every hope of landing on his feet. Let’s hope he does.

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