The Piggery Brings Pork Chops from the Farm to Your Doorstep; Burger King Introduces Fancy Burger


The Piggery is the first meat CSA servicing the New York area. The family farm, located north of Ithaca, has about 130 pigs that they raise in an open-air barn. Some 45 participants have already enrolled, mostly from Brooklyn.
[NY Daily News]

Thousands of black farmers who were denied farm loans from the USDA or subjected to other forms of discrimination will be eligible to receive $1.25 billion in a settlement.

Wal-Mart may not be so bad after all. Communities with a Wal-Mart, which sells fresh produce, see a reduction in obesity rates. And the chain is moving to green its operations.
[NY Times, previously]

Burger King is rolling out its new Steakhouse XT burger, recession be damned. The premium burger contains seven ounces of beef and costs $3.99.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

On the salt debate, there is no right or wrong answer yet. Maybe enforcing restrictions on salt will save lives. But it also might make Americans even fatter.
[NY Times]

Mario Batali is excited to be back in the kitchen at his forthcoming Eataly Italian food emporium. Of the six different restaurants, his favorite seems to be the meat one.

Apparently, prison food really is as bad as they say. San Quentin State Prison has been getting terrible reviews on Yelp.
[Washington Post]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 23, 2010


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