The Refreshingly Amateurish New Hope City


Are you ready to rarty? Well, grab two or swiez of your friends and trek out to Bushwick. There lies New Hope City, a multimedia concert-pageant-danceathon from Pass Kontrol. In case you’re scratching your head: “rarty” might mean party; “swiez” is definitely a mystical number in the vicinity of π; and Pass Kontrol is one of Bushwick’s favorite lo-fi, high-energy rock quartets. (The program will clue you in to their techno-mystic-futuristic Jabberwocky jive.)

The plot, insofar as it exists: In an unspecified future, mega-corporation Media Corps has founded a chain of urban centers. But on the outskirts, the skeezeballs and dudes persist. And three of them are hatching a plot to pump their music—and that of their favorite half-robot indie star—right into the heart of this shiny McMetropolis. If it needs spelling out, the message is: “We think Bushwick rocks. Now blow a raspberry toward Manhattan, flip Williamsburg the bird, and let’s dance!”

Refreshingly (and deliberately) amateurish, Pass Kontrol and their friends improvise their way through deadpan banter, drawling Spanglish, and a concert or two. It’s pure attitude—but of an unpretentious, wide-eyed sort that just might leave you wishing dystopia would hurry up and get here.


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