Tonight! Binary Marketing Show, Her Vanished Grace, and Boogie Boarder


For those who set their alarms at the crack of dawn last Friday to buy Animal Collective/Guggenheim tickets but were still denied, quit moping and stop by Zebulon, where Binary Marketing Show (above), with their droning brass and radioactive vocals bathed in Brooklyn industrial waste, can serve as some kind of replacement. If the world’s looking gloomy for other reasons (Seasonal Affective Disorder, maybe), the Bell House offers relief with Rage Against the Dying Light, a night of warm drink specials and a performance by dreamy, poppy Her Vanished Grace, whose saccharine vocals recall the “’90s pop priestess” era. Finally, get buck-wild at the Cake Shop with Boogie Boarder, who, despite the name, is not another surf-rock band, but a gristly, junk-food-fed brotherhood with a rough-and-tumble rock sound.

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