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Anthony Mannone, 70, Wise Guy, Gives His Orders: ‘Get Your Gun, Get Your Knife and Bring Us the Money’


The feds charged nine wiseguys in a racketeering case today including Anthony Mannone, an alleged 70-year-old captain in the Bonanno crime family who hails from Elmont, Long Island.

Despite his senior citizen status, prosecutors in Brooklyn federal court argued today that Mannone is a danger to the community and should be detained pending trial. Part of their reasoning stemmed from the results of a recording made by an unnamed cooperating witness who wore a wire in a meeting with Mannone in which the alleged crime capo sounded much younger than his years:

“You know you owe the money, go get the money from them guys and bring us the money,” he instructed. “Go get your gun and go get your knife and put your mask on, and go rob like you told my guy to go rob and got paid.”

The witness was a member of another crime family, according to papers filed in court by Brooklyn assistant U.S. attorney Rachel Nash, and he could thank his lucky stars for that, as Mannone made painfully clear:

“Let me tell you, if you didn’t come from where you came from, you’re dead….That ain’t a threat…I want this thing put to bed.”

Also charged in the case was Jerome “Jerry” Caramelli, 40, an alleged Bonanno associate who is said to be Mannone’s enforcer. The feds described Caramelli as a “dangerous individual who is willing, indeed eager to engage in intimidation and violence.” How eager? Prosecutors had an answer for that one too.

“Knock him out,” was Caramelli’s expressed wish regarding another debt welsher. “Hit him with a fucking bat.”

Equally ominous was his summation of another debtor’s awkward position: “You know, this is not good,” he told him. “[Mannone] already made the decision this is not gonna end good.”



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