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Larry Seabrook Defiant, Holds Onto Council Seat (But Not Chairmanship)


In case you were wondering whether Larry Seabrook — the city councilmember hit last week with a 13-count fraud indictment — was going to resign, the answer is no. He tells the Post he’s innocent and will fight all charges from his council seat.

“Would you resign if you were an innocent man?” Seabrook’s lawyer Murray Richman tells the Bronx News — though one might ask why an innocent man would relinquish his civil rights committee chairmanship, as Seabrook has done.

Hanging in, as opposed to copping out (as others in Seabrook’s position have done), is a bold move, but perhaps a necessary one, particularly as the investigation catches several Seabrook cronies and associates in its web; if Seabrook wants to retain their loyalty and/or silence, he’s more likely to hold it with power than without it.



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