Last Time Ted Leo Held a Karaoke Party It Was Three Hours Long


Just sayin’. Matador announced Ted Leo’s The Brutalist Bricks release party plans yesterday, and they are pretty fully rad–two sets at the Knitting Factory on March 9th, the day the record comes out, the first dedicated to originals, the second to karaoke. A list of available songs will be posted at the door, but Leo’s range is a thing of legend at this point–he’ll do everything from Buddy Holly to “L.E.S. Artists” to “Where the Eagles Dare” without sweating, to say nothing of that Kelly Clarkson song he won’t perform anymore. It’s not the first time he’s done this, either: Leo fronted the Misfits for Halloween last year, but late in 2008, his outfit played house band at a Studio B-hosted, New York-sponsored Indie-Rock Karaoke blowout. It was sort of amazing but also eternal–three hours, no breaks, at a pace that left our reviewer at the time dreaming up a vague comedy sketch involving host Andrew W.K. at the Holocaust Museum. So, uh, be careful what you wish for? Or maybe just practice “Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?” before you get up in front of Ted Leo to sing it. [Matador]

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