Mort Zuckerman Gets Advice from George Pataki, Fluffing from Michael Barone


The alleged campaign to run Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman for the Republican nomination for Senator against Kirsten Gillibrand has been floated by some Times reporters (with a rooting interest, suggested Wayne Barrett) and tacitly endorsed by the New York GOP Chairman, Ed Cox.

One of the aforementioned Times writers tells us that Zuckerman has met with former governor George Pataki for campaign advice, as well as with Cox. Pataki, Timesman Michael Barbaro says, told Zuckerman “to hire Republican operatives in New York to assist his campaign and cement his relationship with the party, a person briefed on the talks said.”

Columnist Michael Barone — who, like Zuckerman, likes to beat up on President Obama — admits that Zuckerman “does not have much of a common touch,” but finds that no impediment — neither does Michael Bloomberg, he adds. And Zuckerman is rich, so Barone suggests he could overcome his “relatively low name identification” with “television advertising” (where he could perhaps tout himself as “the eyes, the ears, the honest voice of New York“).

Barone does notice that Gillibrand is beating Zuckerman’s ears off in polling but, as everyone else seems to do with the low poll numbers of speculative contender Harold Ford, thinks nothing of it. Gillibrand, he says, is “below the magic 50 percent number,” which he seems to find encouraging for Zuckerman, who is running below the magic 30 percent number.

Why don’t they just write the guy a song?

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