Park Slope’s Loki Lounge Opens Benchmark, a “Secret” Restaurant


Earlier today, Brownstoner noticed that the Brooklynian boards were filled with comments regarding a possible new, hidden restaurant behind Park Slope’s Loki Lounge. One commenter who had eaten there described it as a “surprisingly ambitious…a slightly upscale dateworthy [sic] place with quality ingredients, ‘pasture-raised’ meat and that sort of thing…a little New American, a little Italian, a little Austrian.” The commenter also praised its “very nice ribeye steak” and “remarkably good spaetzle,” and also mentioned a venison knockwurst, scallops, and a goat cheese, truffle oil, and yucca salad.

A call to Loki didn’t yield a great deal more information — the managers had left for the day, and the bartender was busy — but did confirm that yes, there is a new restaurant, and it’s called Benchmark. Time will tell, of course, whether or not the restaurant’s name proves to be divine prophecy or mere fallacy.


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