Quick, What’s the Opposite of Locavore? Globavore (Globeavore, Globovore) Is the Overwhelming Favorite, According to Twitter


Every coined word must eventually spawn its polar opposite, I thought to myself as I wondered how to describe a person that actively opposes locavorism. So, I tweeted the question, and here are the answers that came back.

Note that the tweets are in reverse chronological order, so you’re encouraged to start reading from the bottom of the page. All tweets occurred between 7:30 am and 1:14 pm Monday, February 22. (If anyone would prefer that their answer not appear below, let me know and I’ll remove it.)

A cursory googling suggests that the word “globavore” may have been coined by Jonathan Gold in 2007.

@EatingAsia Globavore, obviously.

@saucissonmac These religious types, they don’t hang out at the airport do they?

@MichaelNagrant Walmartivore TweetDeck

@RoshniBajaj Or more aptly, globavore?

@RoshniBajaj Glocavore?

@suadero televore, if nobody’s beaten me to it.

@youngchef2 Monsanto.

@kstancik Everyvore?

@EricMahlzeit An opposite will probably have to be invented, just like the word “locavore” was invented.

@Cthulus_Dad Kobe. Which is also the answer to “What’s another word for Hype”

@JeffreyTastes we need to change the meaning, but Herbivore would fit.

@saucissonmac what’s a locavore?

@kattebelletje globavore?

@saltedpig Lazy

@MichaelNagrant Walmartivore

@davetheubergeek Xenovore.

@davetheubergeek Televore.

@RevivalMeats RT @johntedge: FedExwhore -Ha!

@jonice globawhore

@lesleychestrman worldavore?

@jdkess Or teletubby? RT @johntedge: FedExwhore

@SeasLife cackle RT @johntedge: FedExwhore

@coastalrovers RT @johntedge FedExwhore

@plattypants omnivore, megavore, globeavore, pollutavore, smokestackvore, hugecarbonfootprintavore.

@poolesdiner There, that’s better. RT @johntedge: Meant FedExwhore

@johntedge Meant FedExwhore

@mattlehrer This is it (opposite of locavore). @beetiger Xenovore?

@johntedge tEDeXWHORERT

@CrockTease Panvore? Globavore?

@beetiger Xenovore?

@ex_flexitarian Walmart

@EIT Globovore

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