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Rizwan Ahmed, Staten Island Deli Worker, Paid for Dead Kid’s Identity: DA


Some people will do anything for a coveted New York driver’s license. Authorities say Rizwan Ahmed, a 24-year-old Pakistani-born Staten Island deli employee, allegedly agreed to pay Hazel Benson $10,000 for her dead son’s birth certificate and Social Security number.

Benson’s son, Michael Keller, died in 1996 of respiratory arrest at the age of 8.

The mom claims she was in dire straits, saying she was “desperate for funds, which I never received. … I wasn’t really thinking straight,” she told the Staten Island Advance. She attributed her lack of brain function, er, thinking to a need to care for her handicapped mother.

Ahmed was turned down by DMV officials after filing for a state driver’s license using the dead kid’s identity. Apparently, his documents didn’t pass muster. No shit, buddy.

Ahmed was arrested this morning and is expected to be arraigned today.

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