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Senate Passes Job Bill, 70-28; Scott Brown Aboard, Again


The Senate has passed its version of the Obama jobs bill, 70-28. This one is valued at $15 billion (original estimates were about six times that) and much weaker than the House bill, but the House bill got no Republican votes, whereas the Senate bill got 13 — including that of new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, erstwhile rightwing hero, whose cloture vote with the Dems earlier this week set off conservative cries of betrayal.

“This jobs bill is far from perfect,” explained Brown, but “does contain some tax relief that will help Massachusetts businesses put people back to work.”

While Brown’s second apostasy can’t help his reputation among the tea-party types, so far it’s elicited nothing like the rage seen immediately after Brown’s first vote with the Democrats.That vote drawn the denunciation of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

Beck recently called Brown a “Progressive Republican” — from Beck, the lowest kind of abuse. “I had a little hope that it was gonna take a little longer for Scott Brown to succumb to Potomac fever and all this bipartisan talk and so forth,” said Limbaugh. “… And this is why, folks, I don’t get close to these people. That’s why I don’t want ’em.”

AP claims the Senator “is being branded ‘Benedict Brown/ for siding with Democrats,” though the quote is attributed to no one. A “Scott Brown is a Turncoat” Facebook page has been launched, but it only has 10 members at this writing.

Today some of the hard-cores are lashing out (“Scott Brown can never claim he is a fiscal conservative after his vote to support jobs bill”), but it’s quieter than it was yesterday. It may be that the brethren are adjusting to Brown’s political exigencies, or have left him for the wolves after yesterday’s betrayal, convinced that Brown is Arlen Specter with pecs.

Or maybe they’re slowed down enough to consider that the Senate bill, which is full of business tax breaks, isn’t so bad after all, despite all the socialism.



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