Some Advice For MP3 Bloggers Fearing a DMCA Smackdown: Own Your Domain, Back Up Your Shit, And Prepare For The Worst


“It’s quite likely that many music bloggers can never be sure that a DMCA takedown notice won’t arrive someday,” notes this earnest, detailed cheat sheet for those unnerved by the recent deep-sixing of big-shot music blogs like Pop Tarts Suck Toasted. Indeed, the takeaway seems to be a) it’s pretty much impossible to post tracks 100 percent legally, b) your hosting service is unlikely to much exert itself protecting you legally, c) there’s a general “three-strikes” rule for industry complaints, though not always, and a “strike” can linger unknowingly for years and years, and d) are you sure you still want to do this? Though look on the bright side: Pop Tarts has bounced back just fine.

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