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The student body of P.S. 77, aka Lower Laboratory School for Gifted Education, is mostly white and Asian. That of P.S. 198, aka Isador & Ida Straus School, is mostly Latino and black. They share a building. Lower Lab kids use the front door. Straus kids use the back. That’s just one of the differences between them. Steven Thrasher reports.

Thousands of city workers are being laid off due to budget cuts. But some people don’t have to worry. Take Christopher Coffey, formerly of Bloomberg LP, hired fast at the high end of the pay scale to a city job for which he was barely qualified. He’s not the only such hire. Tom Robbins investigates.

It was a Plastic Ono Band tribute, not the Plastic Ono Band per se. But the BAM event had Yoko Ono, “the human Auto-Tune antidote,” along with Bette Midler, Thurston & Kim, and Rob Harvilla, taking notes.

Everyone else hates it (“Please Don’t Make Me See Cop Out Again!” — Rex Reed), but Karina Longworth sees something in the new Kevin Smith-Tracey Morgan-Bruce Willis film: “a love letter to film fandom, and, amid the ample violence and genitalia jokes, its strength is its sincerity.”

The Guggenheim has cutely called its new restaurant The Wright. It ain’t The Modern, but Sarah DiGregorio thinks it does “fill a certain niche,” albeit expensively.

You may call them “dated”; Michael Feingold thinks Mart Crowley‘s The Boys in the Band and Sam Shepard‘s A Lie of the Mind, now in revival, are as good and as flawed as they ever were.

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