TKettle Is Open, Aims to Serve Taiwanese Food by This Weekend


Now that BBQ Chicken has fallen by the wayside, never again to grace us with its Col-Pop Chicken, TKettle on St. Marks has expanded and renovated, adding a classy new wooden sign, and plumping up its menu with additional bubble tea and slushy flavors. A full menu of Taiwanese fast food is coming this weekend.

A friendly employee of TKettle said today that they are waiting for a final permit from the city, but that they are aiming to start serving food this weekend. She showed us the menu, which has three main parts: fried snacks, “bento boxes,” and skewers.

In the first category are items like fish cakes, tofu, and chicken sizzled in oil; the bento boxes will be filled with your choice of fried Taiwanese pork chop, chicken leg, or Taiwanese sausage, plus rice and fixings. On the skewers: fish balls, grilled meat, tofu, and the like.

So far, there’s not much on the menu that you can’t get elsewhere, but it’ll be nice to have it in the neighborhood. We’ll keep you posted.

St. Marks TKettle Taking Over BBQ Chicken Space, Will Serve Taiwanese Food

26 Saint Marks Place


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