Your Favorite Oscar Moment?


One of mine was centuries ago, when presenter Goldie Hawn opened the envelope and giggled as she announced, “Oh my God, it’s George C. Scott!”

See, Scott–who felt awards are dumb–had actively campaigned against the whole process and patently refused to show up. How sad for him that he bagged the trophy.

Another was the signing version of “You Light Up My Life” done by Debbie Boone and children who it later turned out weren’t deaf at all.

And Brando’s righteously anguished Native American lady friend who it later turned out wasn’t Native American at all!

Things on the Oscars are never what they seem.

But I’m every bit the pundit I crack myself up to be, so CLICK HERE for a really fun piece I wrote detailing six things I hope happen on the March 7 telecast.

You’ll like it! You’ll really, really like it!

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