140-Year-Old Hot Dog Exhumed in Coney Island [Update: Hoax!]


Coney Island’s iconic Feltman’s building is being demolished. (Crossing our fingers for some awesome glass condos!) It was once a restaurant where Charles Feltman, often said to the be inventor of the American hot dog, plied his craft, and is also the place where Nathan Handwerker got his start before opening Nathan’s and undercutting his old mentor.

In the midst of the demolition, an ice-crusted hot dog was unearthed: a 140-year-old dog. That’s a hot dog from 1870.

Update: Okay, we got fooled, just like CNN, Grub Street, and a slew of other outlets. A 140-year-old hot dog! We wanted to believe! Next you’ll be telling us there’s no Easter bunny. The jelly beans have to come from somewhere, smart guy.

The Post reports that the Coney Island History Project spread word about the fake ancient hot dog as a publicity stunt to attract attention to their efforts.

You can still click through to see video of a 140-year-old hot dog hoax.

[via Grub Street]

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