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Charles Rangel Violated House Ethics Rules, Panel Finds


A panel of the House ethics committee has found that Harlem congressman Charlie Rangel violated ethics rules with his sponsored trips to the Caribbean, Politico reports.

The House began its investigation last June of Rangel and four other members of Congress. Rangel and the others said at the time that they had cleared the trips, sponsored by the Carib News Foundation, with the House Committee on Standards of Conduct.

As Carib receives funding from corporations which may have business with Congress, this may still be seen as a conflict of interest. Rangel is the chairman of the House Ways and Means committee.

The House expanded its investigation in October, and is still looking into Rangel’s non-disclosure of income from rentals at his Dominican villa, his tax issues, and his use of multiple rent-stabilized apartments.

The other Congresspeople are said to have been cleared, but Rangel stands to be sanctioned. No formal word has come down yet on the findings, nor on the recommended course of Congressional action.

Liz Benjamin thinks this, like everything else, is bad for David Paterson: “Rangel has been one of the embattled governor’s biggest defenders. Now they’re both officially on the ropes, it appears.”


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