“Gays Should Die” Says “Beauty Queen” Lauren Ashley, Who Should Shut Up!


So Carrie Prejean finally has some competition in the tiara-wearing, bigotry-spouting contest. Except that at least Carrie really IS a beauty queen–or was, anyway, before they ripped her crown off for various behavioral faux pas ill befitting a queen.

Along comes Lauren Ashley, the self professed Miss Beverly Hills, who went on Fox News to say that God feels gays deserve death–though some of her best friends are blah blah blah.

On hearing this, the whole world started vomiting and pulling their coiffed hair out, especially the entire town of Beverly Hills, which united to say that this creature is no beauty queen at all! There IS no Miss Beverly Hills contest and in fact, Ashley lives in Pasadena!

So the woman is dumb, superficial, hateful, and a liar too! And what does God think of THAT?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 25, 2010

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