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High Court OK’s New Miranda Warning: ‘You Don’t Need No Lawyer Here. Start Talking, Scumbag.’


Suspects — and that means you — took a double beating this week in the U.S. Supreme Court with a sharp erosion in the four-decade-old Miranda rights warnings.

TV cop shows’ flagrant disregard for Miranda rules aren’t so laughable now, and cheap hood Ernesto Miranda is losing his place in history.

“Supreme Court hands police another victory in Miranda cases,” the Christian Science Monitor blares. Indeed, thanks to a Wednesday 9-0 decision by the high court in a Maryland case, cops can now make repeated attempts to get a criminal suspect to undergo questioning even after he or she invokes the right to an attorney. Yes, the cops have to wait a few days, but this is a major change.

Add to that the Supremes’ 7-2 decision Tuesday that upheld Florida’s sneaky Miranda-rights-warning version that doesn’t make clear that a suspect could have a lawyer actually present during questioning. In effect, the cops now have the go-ahead to ad-lib Miranda warnings.

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