I’m Really on Facebook! Hell Hath Frozen Over!


I did it! I finally made the plunge. I started a Facebook page as promised!

And I was so unsure of what I was doing that for the first hour of inputting, my profile said I was from some remote village in Russia rather than some remote village in Brooklyn!

But launching this thing really did the trick for my social life. The second I started the page, I got swamped with people desperate to be my friends, all having circled me like crocs waiting for a weary fawn.

I instantly approved all the ones I either knew or who looked attractive (or who used a photo of someone attractive).

After all, Facebook is about being superficial on a large scale, right?

And now I have no idea whatsoever what to do with this shit!

But I did love one new friend’s welcoming advice: “Congrats on finally succumbing to the zeitgeist’s latest mind-numbing activity. Have fun with it!”

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