Jelly NYC Pool Parties Save Williamsburg’s East River State Park


From triumphant end-of-summer concert titans to endangered species to Chuck Schumer pet political project to potentially saved to emphatically saved–the Jelly NYC Pool Parties have had quite an off-season, and that was before the concert series saved its own venue, as it apparently did today. Assemblyman Joe Lentol has just announced that though the New York State Parks Department had been taking a hard look at Williamsburg’s East River Park, the return of the Pool Parties pretty much saved the embattled waterfront space. “We wanted to make sure that the concerts would be a fun and exciting experience for everyone, respectful of the community and also very importantly bring revenue directly into the East River State Park,” Lentol told Gothamist. “Thanks to that deal and that funding we are now able to ensure that this important piece of open space continues to be available to everyone.”

Ironically, the thing that put the Pool Parties in jeopardy in the first place were questions about the continued viability of East River Park as an NYC-sponsored green space. Had the park gone, the Pool Parties would’ve been homeless and hence, probably, defunct. Instead, through the weird political ouroboros formed between different city agencies and government officials, the parties saved the park, which in turn saved the parties, etc., into eternity, where Chuck Schumer rides his bicycle amongst the stars, and Jay-Z sways slowly in the Grizzly Bear breeze.

East River State Park Saved By Recently-Saved Concerts [Gothamist]

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