On The Majestic Trailer for Titus Andronicus’s The Monitor


We’ve said perilously little about The Monitor, the absurdly good and startlingly ambitious record from New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus, in part because it’s taking XL a while to put the record out–March 9th, get here already–and in part because dudes seem to be laying low in advance of the requisite album release mega-tour. So no news really. Even this trailer making the rounds of the internet today looks to have been posted two months ago, though it doesn’t look like many people have watched it yet. They should. It’s a perfect little evocation–from the goofy sepia tone to the bad portraiture to the rootsy-cum-epic soundtracking–of The Monitor‘s misfit charm. “With a team like this, I cannot fail.” Nope.

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