So, Did You Get Your MtyMx Tickets Yet?


Now now, Todd, we kid, we kid. The emergent storyline of terrified teenagers and jingoistic blog commenters terrified of going south of South 2nd Street versus Todd P and the assembled forces of grown-ups like the Overseas Security Advisory Council has been sort of fascinating to watch unfold, though it confirms every lousy stereotype on the planet regarding entitled indie rock fans. My guess is any number of places in this country are far, far more dangerous for rich and oblivious white kids than Monterrey, Mexico. Like the man says: “These are high level goons killing one another in their own hideaways. As a dirtbag indie rocker kid crossing the border, you’re not going to stand out from all of the like, frat boys crossing to buy pills and get drunk underage.” In fact, if you’re one of these clowns who’s all, “hope everyone gets there and back without getting murdered, hahaha!”, you probably are one of those frat boys. Man up, internet people! If Neon Indian can survive down there than so can you.

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