Cameron Douglas: Dopiest Excuse of the Day


Lawyers for meth dealer and heroin addict Cameron Douglas, son of Michael Douglas, are dragging out the poor-little-rich-kid defense.

At least his battery of lawyers didn’t try to sell the formal theory of Spoiled Child Syndrome as an excuse.

His lawyer Dan Gitner told the court yesterday that the problems of the 31-year-old grandson of Kirk Douglas are caused by “notoriety that is not due to any acts of his own but by dint of birth and a difficult upbringing.”

A thorough scrubbing, a pair of glasses, and steady doses of Visine haven’t helped either. (Compare this morning’s photo in the Daily News with an earlier photo of the twosome above.)

Thursday’s sob story didn’t sway Manhattan federal judge Richard Berman, who sent him back to the slammer instead of allowing him “home arrest” until his sentencing.

Douglas had been confined to Mommy’s $9 million townhouse last summer when his chick tried to smuggle heroin to him in an electric toothbrush.

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