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David Paterson Announcement May Happen at 3 p.m.; Spitzer Madam Announces for Governor


Just in case you were wondering, Governor Paterson’s announcement, in which he is expected to withdraw from the 2010 gubernatorial race (at least) and previously reported to be scheduled for the early afternoon, hasn’t happened yet. CBS6 in Albany says the “rumor” is that it’ll take place at 3 p.m.

Nature abhors a vacuum: Former Eliot Spitzer madam Kristin Davis announces today that she’s running for governor. Her press conference is scheduled for Monday at 11 a.m. at the Roosevelt Hotel, where she was to be joined by “Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely and Penthouse columnist Dr. Victoria Zdrok… [and] supporter Susan Austin, madam of The Mustang Ranch.”

Davis was just recently promoted for the Libertarian line in the race by political operative Roger Stone. She said then that “I have not decided whether to seek the Libertarian party nomination or form my own party based on my platform; legalization, regulation and taxation of prostitution, marijuana, and legalizing gay marriage,” but her only competition for the Lib line so far is “Tea Party Candidate” Warren Redlich, and the party is famously open to celebrity candidates. The New York Libertarian Party will hold its convention on April 24.

The only other declared candidate is Rick Lazio, who only recently started beating Paterson in the polls, and is probably shit-scared to face presumed Democratic contender Andrew Cuomo. It’s wide open, Kristin!



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