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David Paterson: Is He Out? Post, Daily News Say He Won’t Run; Announcement at 11:30 a.m. (UPDATE: Bill Perkins Confirms)


The New York Post is saying David Paterson will not run for Governor this year. Announcement expected at 11:30 a.m. or shortly thereafter.

The News says so too.

At this writing, all the news about that.

Update: ABC, NBC, The Hill, local stations et alia are running with it.

Update 2: It’s already time for deepthink! The Note attributes the alleged decision to “intensifying pressure — from the White House on down.” “He’s still facing widespread calls to resign,” says Ben Smith. “New York Spared Misery of Sad Paterson Campaign,” says The Awl. Sad misery? We were looking forward to it; he was the underdog’s underdog! Even his advertising was lachrymose! (See after the break.)

“Some say I shouldn’t be running for Governor”

Update 3: WNYC says he’s “suspending” his campaign, but adds “we don’t know yet if he’s going to resign.” Hm. Hadn’t heard about him resigning — plenty about how he should resign, but not that he was planning to.

But our own Wayne Barrett, who’s on WNYC now and previously called for Paterson to resign, says the state budget director said the state might not be able to make $1.4 billion in mandated payments in March — “does anyone think he’s up to [handling] that?” Also, “We have a perfectly competent lieutenant governor… I have all the confidence in the world that he would govern on the basis of merit.”

Also, Paterson is a “pathological liar… they were still lying about this case” — the Times aide story — “as recently as yesterday…. What we are about to learn is going to get worse…. The man is estranged from the truth.” Also, if he steps down, “he can refuse to testify” in any legal action relating to the case.

Looks like that Times story was a “bombshell” after all.

Update 4: State senator Bill Perkins confirms.

“Now that he’s dropping out, a confession,” says Salon’s Alex Koppelman: “I have a big soft spot for David Paterson, but only b/c he has a 90-yr-old Jew’s sense of humor.” We’ve noticed that, too, though he is famously discomfited when other people made fun of him.


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