David Paterson Runs For His Life From the Tabloids; Dick Ravitch’s Reign Approaches


Release the newshounds! New York’s tabloids quickened their pursuit of hapless David Paterson this morning, calling on the governor to immediately flee the scene of his accidental reign.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Paterson won’t run for election. (He scheduled a presser for later this morning). But it’s probably just a matter of days (or hours) until Paterson resigns and accidentally-on-purpose Lieutenant Governor Dick Ravitch takes over the statehouse.

Both the Post and Daily News issued editorials. The stiffer harrumph comes from Mort Zuckerman’s Daily News.

Shedding crocodile tears through a veil of hypocrisy, Mort’s editorial-page lackies editorialize, “Paterson’s likability and hopes that he would lift New York out of the Eliot Spitzer’s wreckage make calling for his departure painful.”

The Post was typically blunt, with no hint of that kind of bullshit: “David Paterson is not qualified to be governor of New York. And he can spare the state he has sworn to serve a lot of unnecessary turmoil and pain by simply stepping aside. Without further delay.”

Just another twist: The day after Paterson asked his election rival Andy Cuomo to investigate him, yet another putative candidate for high office (Zuckerman has launched trial balloons for a Senate bid) uses the power of his newspaper to smack the governor around.

My colleague Tom Robbins has it right: Run, Mort, run! Unlike Paterson, Zuckerman is a skilled conniver.

In any case, what about the New York Times, whose scandal story, when finally birthed, is causing Paterson to leave Albany? “Paterson Gets Some Sobering Advice on His Political Future,” the paper headlines. It’s not talking about the editorials in the Post and Daily News.

The Times‘s own editorial this morning, “Questions for Gov. Paterson,” is predictably pecksniffian, ending with this: “Weary New Yorkers, who must be wondering if anyone in Albany can be trusted, will be watching closely.”

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