Drop The “Best Song” Category!


This year’s Oscars will not include any performances of the nominated songs, but I have an even better idea: Drop the whole category!

It ceased to be relevant ages ago, when it became clear that movie songs were no longer evolving into hit tunes that anybody cared about.

Suddenly hacks started writing background numbers and credit filler just to get nominated, and they did–though no one ever heard their work except on the Oscar telecast, after which it went right back to deserved anonymity.

Get rid of it! The days of “Over The Rainbow” are long over! The days of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” are even over! The days of Eminem are even over!

No one’s heard of these stupid, mediocre songs! To have Meryl Streep sit there and lose year after year is an even bigger disgrace when they give trophies to “Jai Ho”!

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