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Harry Markopolos Takes Yet Another Shot at Bernie Madoff: ‘He’s the Lowest Form of Scum.’


Harry Markopolos, who blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff, has embarked on a book tour and continues to talk smack, but he does have a fresh take on the predator. The intense, driven Markopolos tells Fortune, “He hunted at funerals and weddings. He’s the lowest form of scum.”

A memorable and no doubt accurate image: Madoff slapping on his yarmulke and holding court among his fellow Jews as Mr. Big Shot at both their saddest and most joyous gatherings. Anybody who’s been to a high-class Jewish wedding or funeral knows the type.

Just recall how the big-shot gangster Barzini (Richard Conte) worked the crowd at at the funeral of Don Corleone (Marlon Brando).

Despite the somber mood, Barzini drew attention and respect like bees to honey. He connived to get people to come to him — not the other way around. Just like Madoff’s M.O.

It was easy to think of Madoff as Dr. Evil. But the depth of Markopolos’s personal animosity toward Madoff is staggering. If he had expressed it during his testimony to Congress a year ago, people wouldn’t have taken him as seriously. Now, of course, he’s peddling a new book, No One Would Listen.

Sounding like a gangster himself, Markopolos says in the book that if Madoff “contacted me and threatened me, I was going to drive down to New York and take him out.”

Meanwhile, Madoff’s crew continues to take hits. His daughter-in law Stephanie is trying to change the names of her and her two kids from old pirate “Madoff” to even older pirate “Morgan.”

And yet another member of Madoff’s operation has been scooped up by authorities: Bernie’s “director of operations,” Daniel Bonventre, is now charged with accounting fraud.


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