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Jenny Sanford Gets a Divorce


Well, that was quick: In a 20-minute hearing today, Jenny Sanford was granted a divorce from her husband, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. The governor was not in attendance, but admitted adultery as the casus splitsville and approved the divorce by affidavit.

That didn’t leave much time for bombshell revelations, though the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Sanford did say she allowed her husband to pay a final visit to his Argentine soulmate on the condition that he be accompanied by a chaperone, presumably not one chosen from the C Street Club.

Jenny Sanford said the couple worked “diligently” to save the marriage after she learned of the affair, but the governor kept asking for permission to see his girlfriend, so Mrs. Sanford moved out. She has also asked the court to seal her and the governor’s financial declarations regarding the divorce, which she characterized as an effort to “protect our children.”

The Charlotte Observer has some video of the proceedings.

In a statement Governor Sanford continued to look on the sunny side: “While our family structure may change, I know that we will both work earnestly to be the best mom and dad we can be to four of the finest boys on earth.”

We note this bit of the coverage from WCSC News:

The proceedings were marked with long, silent pauses, but did not lack humor. When Judge Cate asked Mrs. Sanford if she was expecting any more children, the first lady responded, “Oh, gosh, no.”

In the video, though, no one’s laughing.


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