Mao Asada’s Consolation Prize: A Hot Dog


What is it with hot dogs this week? Wieners are in the news again: A popular Vancouver Japanese street food vendor, Japadog, has created a custom hot dog in honor of Mao Asada, the Japanese figure skating superstar.

The hot dog is made from Kobe beef topped with tonkatsu sauce and garnished with yuba– delicate tofu skin that has been colored gold and red and cut into tiny maple leaves. The dog is cut into thirds, in honor of Asada’s mastery of the triple axel. Because the dish is so labor-intensive, only about 20 Mao Dogs are made everyday, and they always sell out, although they cost close to $10.

Mao also has had a special heart-shaped sushi roll designed for her at a local Japanese restaurant.

Last night, Asada’s rivalry with South Korea’s Yu-Na Kim came to its Olympic conclusion, as Kim won gold and Asada silver. Up on the podium, Asada looked pissed. But she can take comfort in the fact that, in all of Vancouver, there are apparently no dishes at all named after Kim.

[Vancouver Sun]

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