Red Hook Winery’s 2008 Wines Selling Out at Dry Dock, Brooklyn Wine Exchange


If you’ve been waiting to try the first Red Hook Winery bottlings, you’re going to have to hop to it. Yesterday, while checking out Dry Dock, the new wine shop in Red Hook, we came up upon a small selection of the winery’s rose, which is produced in Red Hook with grapes from Jamesport Vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island. There were six bottles left, and we bought one. After the remaining five bottles go, there won’t be more until the 2009 vintage is bottled.

The rose is the only Red Hook wine Dry Dock will stock because it is relatively less expensive than the others–$24 versus about $40 for the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Steep! But we’ve heard from reputable sources that the bottles are worth saving up for.

We drank the rose with shrimp chowder, and thought it was delicious. It’s deep salmon in color, full-bodied and almost creamy, with an appley aroma and an acidic backbone. You might want to grab a bottle while you can and save it for a sunny day when you can drink it on your stoop.

Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Wine Exchange has sold out of Red Hook’s Cabernet Franc, and still has the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and rose in stock. Get them while the getting’s good.

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