New York

Screw the Oscars! It’s Time For The Hookie Awards!


The 2010 Male Escort Awards, popularly referred to as The Hookies, are coming to Club Rebel on March 19th.

And you can help choose the winners!

Go to their site and vote for such illustrious honors as Best Body, Best Top, and Best Ass, all of which will lead up to the most coveted achievement of all–Mr. International Escort 2010!

And that’s where I come in! I’m one of the judges for that incredible evening and will be picking the best call boy based on his performance in the sack–I mean what I IMAGINE his performance in the sack will, I mean would, be.

If anyone’s actually sampled these guys’ talents and can make any qualitative judgments about them, please let me know pronto.

And while we’re all judging, let’s savor the Hookies’ delicious motto: “Have you ever been with an escort that just blew you away and thought, ‘This guy deserves an award!'”?

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