Super Bowl Predicted for Meadowlands in 2014 as Arizona Folds


Arizona has dropped out of contention for the 2014 Super Bowl site, citing a “poor economic climate,” and the Post thinks that puts the Giants’ new Meadowlands Stadium at the top of the list. So does the Times. And the Palm Beach Post says League Commissioner Roger Goodell wants it there.

As Dallas, Indianapolis, and New Orleans have the next three Bowls, that might mean that the 2014 event will be the first one played in cold weather. (Some have been played up north, but in roofed stadia.)

The prospect delights locals (“let it snow and let them play a game the same way that kids around the area will be playing during this long weekend”), though we can only guess how the millionaires who would actually play such a game will feel about it — not to mention whatever broken-down rock stars are recruited to play halftime.

Tampa and Miami are also in contention. The final decision will be made in May at the NFL’s spring meeting. Image (cc) Donnie.



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