Waldorf-Astoria Waiters Stiffed on Tips; Walgreens Wants to Feed You


A new book reveals the salaries of chefs. Culinary Careers by Rick Smilow, president of the Institute of Culinary Education, also offers advice on “how to get your dream job in food,” which might pay $70,000 to $140,000 for an executive chef position.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Will a fat tax on junk food really help people eat better? New research suggests yes. When junk foods were taxed, study participants generally bought healthier foods.

San Francisco is having to deal with a street food boom. The city is concerned that vendors might operate without proper inspections, but doesn’t want to discourage vending.
[NY Times]

Yorkshire rhubarb has just joined the list of fine foods protected by the Designation of Origin status, like Champagne and Parma ham.
[Times UK]

Walgreens, with its purchase of Duane Reade, will try to compete not only with other drug stores, but also with food purveyors, as it plans to expand its food and beverage program.

Nine waiters at the Waldorf-Astoria are suing the property and Hilton Worldwide for withholding tips. A 21.5 percent tip added to tabs did not go entirely to staff.


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