Was Vincente Minnelli A Gay?


One would think so, considering that he married Judy and was the daddy to Liza.

And there was that eye makeup thing.

But it’s not all that cut and dried.

According to Mark Griffin, who’s written a new book about the Oscar winning director called A Hundred or More Hidden Things:

“Despite the fact that Minnelli was married to Judy Garland and three other women…it was generally assumed that he was a closeted gay man who, due to the societal conditioning of his era, felt compelled to marry and procreate.

“I was surprised to discover that the people I spoke to about all of this often provided dramatically conflicting anecdotes or opinions.

“It seems clear to me that on several levels, Minnelli was living in two different worlds.”

Fire Island and Key West?

No, explains the author:

“When the pressures and conflicts of his personal life became overwhelming, he would retreat into the alternate reality of the highly stylized films he was making.

“While he was married to a legendary superstar and some of Hollywood’s most
glamorous women, the evidence also seems to suggest that he was living a
very different life in the shadows.”

Got that? So I guess the guy was sort of bicurious. VERY curious.