Week in Review: That’d Be About It


In the week a lot was made of a little red door, we weren’t the only people involved in a scandal: Stew took on the New York Times while we claimed team Jon Caramanica, some dude stole Vijay Iyer’s watch, and Jay-Z was caught up in a political scandal that would’ve been a big deal if David Paterson hadn’t been caught doing so much worse, shortly afterwards. Always with the state troopers!

Actually, while we’re on the subject: Is New York Noise a victim of NYC-TV’s post-scandal rebranding? That was just one more question in a complicated week of local politics that involved the Onion’s A.V. Club bidding farewell to New York, All Points West festival potentially doing the same, the Department of Health potentially putting a ton of nightclub workers out of work, and Dame Dash’s basement getting into still more trouble. On the other side of the ledger? The return of BKLYN YARD, the non-incineration of Williamsburg’s Cameo Gallery, and the redemption of the East River State Park, where Pool Parties will once again resume this summer. Whew.

For larfs: Meet the terrible rock bands who lurk on the album charts for years at a time.

Plus raucous Wednesday night on the LES starring RCMP, Eli Escobar, and All Black Everything, Leslie and the Ly’s at the Mercury Lounge, the These Are Powers EP release party with Blondes, MNDR at Coco 66, the Dirty Projectors at Lincoln Center, Q&As with everyone from Ridgewood howlers Twin Stumps, Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda, sludge punks Stupid Party, and the lo-fi bedroom R&B auteur How to Dress Well.

And Tom Breihan returned to join Sharyn Jackson in blogging American Idol for SOTC, Todd P gave more details on his eagerly anticipated MtyMx fest (indie cowards need not apply), we fell for new music from everyone from Titus Andronicus to Prince to Aziz Ansari to Jets cornerback Darelle Revis, and bunch of fucking snow fell out of the sky. We’re back on Monday.

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