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Anthony Weiner Keeps Up The Insults, Says Dems “Half Pregnant,” Joe Leiberman Schizo | Village Voice

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Anthony Weiner Keeps Up The Insults, Says Dems “Half Pregnant,” Joe Leiberman Schizo


Brooklyn congressman Anthony Weiner is still kicking ass after his rant on the House floor about the Republicans being owned by the insurance industry. In his Daily Kos liveblog on the health care summit, he praised Nancy Pelosi — “Speaker Pelosi closing with a bang. Public option! Ripping the health insurance industry! Maybe we are in the room!” — and expressed disappointment with the President for letting things get away from him (“The President let this turn into a gripe session after lunch”).

He also joked about the famously orange-skinned Minority Leader John Boehner. “I think Leader Boehner is particuarlly livid about the tanning bed tax, Surprised he hasn’t mentioned it. ”

Later he went on Joe Scarborough and got in a few more kicks.

He said that the Democratic health care plans have been polling badly because “there’s been a whole element of our political spectrum that has been lying about the bill,” and has been dragged out because “we have watered this down on the altar of 60 votes, something that Senator Crist writes about today, this notion that we’re not a majority rule country any more. Remember how many weeks we were waiting for the Gang of Six, then we were waiting for Olympia Snowe, we were waiting for Joe Lieberman and his various personalities.”

A single-payer man himself, Weiner wasn’t happy with all the farting around on the half-a-loaf public option. “Taking on the insurance lobby here,” he said, “some, including some in the Administration, have tried to kind of be kind of like half pregnant, you know, try to take them on a little bit, but not at other times.

Pat Cooper was from Brooklyn, too.


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