Snowmen and Snowomen of Greenwich Village


The snowcouple appeared, with hilarious foodstuff features, on the sidewalk in front of West 4th Street staple Extra Virgin, as if waiting paitiently for seats to open up at brunch.

We’ve never had a better year for snowpeople. So much snow, such wet snow. Snow figures have been appearing all over Greenwich Village, and here’s a small sampling.

“How cute” is about all you can say about this hood ornament of a snow child.

This snow apparition appeared in front of Wogie’s, a bar specializing in Philly cheese steaks, sports TV, and beer. The rib bones standing in for the usual snowman appendages gave us pause.

Full disclosure: This bittersweet scene of amputees in the snow actually occurred in Ridgewood, which is the Greenwich Village of Queens.

This earnest little fellow can’t help but win your heart.


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